5 Cool Business Giveaway Ideas to Win Customers


In running a business, our main focus is to persuade the customers to be loyal in using our products or services. Sometimes, the businessman should be creative to win the heart of the customers. Giveaway is a program which most of the people like to join, for example, win iPhones. This kind of thing will attract people to start to know about your products.

Giveaway and Customers’ Loyalty

Giveaway is believed as a good way to introduce our products to the customer. This kind of thing is really good for your business. Therefore, you can have this as the idea to make your customers be loyal. It is because the customers’ loyalty is everything. Your business may get nothing without them. Hence, it is a must for you to please them with things like a reward because they have used your product or service.

Business Giveaway Ideas

If you are looking for the ideas of a giveaway that will be working to win the customers, you can see the following ideas:

  • Branded Bags

If your business target is a woman, it is good to get a giveaway with branded bags. Moreover, a woman will surely like to have branded bags. Well, this one will be working if you throw a giveaway to your customers. They willingly join this opportunity since they can have branded bags. Moreover, if you offer the latest edition, they will be more enthusiastic.

  • iPhone

Another thing which makes people like to join giveaway is by offering gadget. iPhone will be a good idea for the giveaway as people like to have this kind of smartphone. You can offer this kind of ideas to make the people win iPhones so that they get attracted to join your program. This one will be working, especially if you offer the latest series of iPhone.

  • Voucher

Having a giveaway does not mean that you always offer expensive products. You can also offer simple things but many people will like to have it. In this matter, you can have a giveaway with a voucher. It could be a movie ticket voucher or shopping voucher. This one will be working since people may get pleased with it.

  • Concert Ticket

It would be great for you to open a giveaway with concert ticket. If there is any superstar which hold a concert in your nearby or your country, it would be nice for you to offer this to your customers. They will be so happy with it.

  • Merchandise

Another simple giveaway that you can offer to your customers is by offering the merchandise. This one will be so good for you since you can provide the gift in a bigger amount so there will be lots of participants that like to join.

Those are the ideas of a giveaway that you can offer to your customers. It would be nice for you to pick one of them if you are still not sure to open giveaway. Those are the favorite things of the people, especially to win iPhones and branded bags as it makes them look cool.