7 Tips to Grow Your Youtube Channel and Earn Money

Nowadays people are getting fond of watching Youtube as they can find lots of contents that they like. Then, this would be a good opportunity for you who will be getting into this circle. A successful Youtuber can be seen from how many people that have done free youtube views towards your videos. In addition, the amount of subscriber will also determine such a thing.

Being a Youtuber

In order to be a Youtuber, your job is not merely about posting the video that you like. However, it has a concept and plan where the path of your content will be going. In addition, you will also have to maintain your subscribers and even gain them more and more. The more subscriber that you have day by day, the more money that you can earn.

Tips to Be Successful Youtuber

Then, if you like to be a successful Youtubers with lots of subscribers and viewers, the following tips might be workable on you:

  • Attractive content

In gaining more viewers and subscriber, you should create attractive content. If you are focused on reviewing a particular product, then you can also discuss the use of the product in which most of the people rarely know about. Simply, create a video which has a common thing, but it is different from the other free youtube views.

  • Mind the duration

Do you know that the duration is also important when you make a video? Then, it would be so much better for you to create a video in about 5-10 minutes. In addition, make sure that you can trigger the viewers to keep watching the video in the first 10 seconds of your video.

  • Spread on Social Media

This would be another advantage if the content of your videos can be shared to other social media by your viewers since it can gain more viewers to visit your channel. Therefore, it is important for you to make such useful content which makes people like to share it.

  • Activate Google Ads

When your Youtube channel can gain the amount of the viewers which can grant the Google Ads to be placed there, so just activate it directly. This is where you can earn money from your Youtube channel.

  • Posting consistently

Your performance will also be assessed by Youtube, so being a Youtuber means that you have to be consistent in posting the videos. Then, you should have a plan for how many videos that you will post within a month. Make sure that you give something fresh to the viewers in every video.

  • Do Collaboration

Doing collaboration with another Youtuber is a trend now. This one is working to gain more viewers. You can search and offer the Youtuber you choose to do a collaboration.

  • Create a good title

The title is important to attract the viewers. You should create the persuasive title of your video in order to attract them and then click your video to watch it.

Shortly, those are all the tips of gaining viewers on Youtube. Stay creative in making free youtube views so that it can be useful for the viewers.