About Me

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Mari Rae! I am is the one of the coaching staff in United States Naval Academy is gymnastics department. My attention to health, make me got the Outstanding Performance Awards as the gymnastic athlete.

With my experience in fitness and health, I want to share my experience about, health and wellness business, and also some article about health in this blog. I hope you will find the important information that you need in my blog. I write all of the content is from my own experience. So, if you have another story or argument, you can share with me via email.

Build a health center or health center business is based on the lack of land and sports facilities provided by the government. In addition, the lifestyle and busyness undertaken by some people in a region make this business is quite promising. So if you have a plan to build a health center for all ages such as teenagers and middle age people. That plan is very fabulous.

Based on my experience, if you want to build the health center you can start with an area of around 75 meters or as a large of a shophouse in general. In this spacious room, you can install between 12 standard sports equipment. The design and layout of the health room are important to provide the comfort of visitors. There are some standard health equipment such as Smith Machines, Butterfly, Manual Treadmill, and etc. You also can provide the special classes, such as Aerobic, Yoga, or Zumba class.

In addition to tips for creating a health center, on this blog, I will also share the articles about wellness which of course, will be very easy to apply in daily life. I will discuss all topics about health for every age in this blog. Hopefully what I share will give the benefits to your life. As a personal trainer, I also still learn to provide the best training, so I need your suggestion too. Thank you so much for reading my blog, and keep healthy!