All About Inkjet Printer

Ink Jet printers use the ink etching method to print documents. This printer can print the document on paper that have a large size even with good quality. Brother also issued this type of printer with the name Brother ADS 2200. To be able to use it, you need to download the brother ads 2200 driver on the internet.

Ink Jet printer resolution has several variations, some reaching 1200 dpi, some up to 5760 × 1440 dpi. It is equipped with on-demand printing technology.

Here are the advantages of inkjet printers:

1. Produces high-quality and natural prints due to the use of ink.

2. Embossed effects that exist in the document so that it produces sharp colors.

3. The price of this printer is the cheapest.

4. The speed is rated good for its light performance.

Disadvantages of inkjet printers are:

1. The speed is not as fast as a laser printer

2. Not suitable for large scale

3. High maintenance costs due to ink usage

4. The use of ink makes prints easy to fade

How Do InkJet Printers Work?

1. Preparation Phase

The preparation stage is a process that begins when an electric current enters the printer. In this phase, the printer will do a learning process and look for signals coming from the computer. If the printer driver has already installed in the computer, the printer can immediately recognize the computer. But if the driver not installed yet, you can download brother ads 2200 driver on internet.

In this phase, the paper must also be prepared to be filled in the tray. If not, the sensor on the printer will stop the printing process.

2. Setting Phase

The second stage runs where we set which part to print. At this phase we can choose the available print quality. There are high, standard, economy, and custom options. Here we can also set whether we will do color or monochrome printing. The data we set earlier will enter the printer controller circuit as a reference in the next stage.

3. Printing Phase

The third stage occurs when we as the operator are sure of the settings and choose the print document command on our computer. After we press “OK” on the printer dialog, the computer will send data to the printer via a USB cable in the form of binary numbers. This data then goes to the printer PCB to be decoded.

This PCB will receive all information from the computer and regulate all the movement of the printer head. The PCB will then send a command to the stepper motor that feeds the paper from the tray, and the stepper motor drives the printer head.

After the paper mover stepper receives the command, this motor will pull the paper by turning the roller and the printer head driving stepper also moves the printer head to the right and left according to orders from the PCB with the help of a belt. With the movement of the printer head, the cartridge will issue ink which is channeled to the tip of the nozzle with the assistance of the PCB.

In the head print, there is also a microchip component that can regulate the movement and expenditure of ink. So, it forms the same letter as the one on the computer.

4. Completion Phase

The last stage occurs when the entire document has printed on paper. And the roller will pull the printed paper to the out tray. When all the paper comes out, the PCB will send feedback to the computer to notify that the printing process is complete.

If there is a problem related to the printing process, it will be included in this data so that the computer can display the printing status for the operator to understand. Note that all the process will need a driver, and you need to download brother ads 2200 driver.

Inkjet Printers from Brothers are the answer to your printer needs. The price is affordable and also the maintenance is easy will make you benefit. Regarding the driver, you only need to download brother ads 2200 driver on the internet. It is easy to find, and you can immediately use it for your activity.

Printers have become a basic need in a large company; even small and medium traders need to take care of business permits. The permit will require a document, and it would be better if the document can be read clearly. It is possible if the printer is high quality, such as the Brother ADS-2200 printer.