Great Recommended Business Books You Should Read

Reading books is the way you can level up your capacity in any field. Just like when you read business books to develop your knowledge, competence, or anything you must learn about business. There are many books you can find on a free eBook Library that can increase your knowledge about business. We are going to recommend you several great business books that you need to have as an entrepreneur running a business.

7 Business Books You Should Read

There are several books that are recommended to be read to gain more knowledge about business. Here are those books.

  1. Business Adventures by John Brooks

This book is Bill Gates’ best and favorite business book of all time. in which, Warren Buffet recommended this book to him in 1991, soon after that, Bill Gates immediately liked it and made it inspiration in the business development behind Microsoft.

  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This book specifically emphasizes setting targets and strong will to achieve them. This book can help each person to set specific goals and then set a mature strategy in achieving them. In addition, it must also be accompanied by a strong will.

  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki in this book emphasizes improving the way to manage finances which now may still be unorganized well. What he emphasizes in this book will greatly influence your thought. At least your mind will be even more open. You will be able to empower which assets are profitable and which assets only produce expenses.

  1. Dealstroming: The Secret Weapon that Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges by Tim Sanders

This book contains various things about the business. There are sales, negotiations, collaborations, and everything to get a good deal. There are at least seven levels discussed by the Sander Team on a system that helps entrepreneurs and companies to improve business and build connections.

  1. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek in this book emphasizes leadership and how to be a good leader. He said that great leaders are those who have one thing in common, chasing passion by asking why. It can be found in the free eBook Library.

  1. The Monk and The Riddle by Randy Komisar

This book discusses how important it is to start a business and balance it with your life. This is very important so that the two go hand in hand so that you will become an entrepreneur who can enjoy life.

  1. Purple Cow by Seth Godin

This book will open your mind about how to produce quality products and have high selling points. So, the product that you make can have a higher value than others. Besides, there are also ways that the products you make look more attractive and unique from the consumers’ point of view.

Tips for Reading Books Effectively

First, ask yourself what information is most needed in the textbook. Second, read the summary of each chapter in the textbook. Third, make important notes that you find while reading.

Running a business is kind of challenging for some reason. That is why you must fill yourself with new knowledge by reading books as one of the ways of learning. After all, you can search for books at the free eBook Library.

4 Tips for Student to Start a Business

A good businessman should know that success comes from the dedication in terms of time, focus, and energy. In a more modern era like this, anyone is even able to kick off a successful one, for example, an online business. Though, yes, by saying anyone we mean everybody from different ages, backgrounds, and expertise, starting off a business as a student is specifically challenging.

Balancing life as a student and a businessman is often stressful. Many are still hesitant to follow their dream in starting off a business, while you don’t have to be that reluctant to finally grab the chance and start making plans for your projects. The good news is, an online business is a typical business that many students can take profit from without feeling too pressured by the encounter.

4 Tips to Help You Start Your Business

Your young age and the environment of school or college can indeed boost your business goals rather than to limit them. If you’re interested in building a business right now while you are still a student, these 4 tips can help you go through it, and even balance your school work and entrepreneurship career:

  1. Just start

Sometimes what pulls you back from achieving the success you’ve been always dreaming of is yourself lacking motivation. So, hey, just start! Keep in your mind that your progress is more important than hoping for perfection, and making a progress means having a willingness to start first. The best way to kick off good online business is to start it off and have confidence in doing it.

  1. Solve a problem

Being a current student can surprisingly help you gain more experience than to the only study about business from the textbooks. Many day outs and late nights can lead you into great ideas, courage to pull off effort and grow network within people around you. During this time, you will also undoubtedly find problems, like clashing opinions, having no money, poor time management, but face it bravely and prove it to yourself that you can nail everything with your own way of thinking to find solutions.

  1. Accept rejection

Tryouts are very important to growing your business. What you also have to be ready for is hearing ‘no’ while you try to reach out to people. This can be a thing you can start learning from, and you can build a shield to protect you from utter disappointment ever since. When you heard a lot of negative feedback, you can choose to feel down or simply get back up and seek a lesson from it.

  1. Continue to evolve

Evolving is as essential as starting and maintaining your spirit to not ever give up. Learn as much as you can, do as many as possible, and believe that one day all of it will be paid off. Living as a student may give you benefits in terms of being innovative and relentless. We hope you can make the most of your online business as long as you’re committed as well to never stop.

Social Business 101: How to Improve Your Business Scale

Running a business has been one of the most common things in modern life. It takes so many things that will give you success when doing the business. But, running a business is not always easy. Taking business professionals will help you a lot. You can get so many things from a business. As you can increase your wealth, you can also improve your skills. It helps you to consider how you choose your business to be. So, you need a gadget that will help you do well. In this case, you will find them in Bulletintech to get the most of it. So, we’ll give you some info about how you can get them.

Escalating Your Business with Technology

If you run a business, you need to make sure everything will be good for you. The business can be anything, as you choose a good way that will consider your needs. So, if you choose to run the business, you need to make a strategy where you can get them to improve your needs. Here are some things that will be suitable for you.

  1. The first aspect that will be important for you is how you represent your business when you use social media. In your social media, you can get plenty of benefits. Representing your brand is important, as you can get your customers to find about your business easily. That way, you can get a lot of things easier when using your social media.
  2. Your content should be good and representing what you sell. In the case of choosing the content, you can get a lot by getting along with the trend. It makes you feel more comfortable if you choose content that will be easily recognized by the customers. You can post a photo of your product or put a suitable caption on it.
  3. Choosing good support for your business is good. As you choose the most suitable thing, you can get the most of it by getting support from Bulletintech. It gives you clarity and more info about how you can deal with your business. That way, you will find it easy to get along with your business promotion.

So, those are some things you have to consider when you choose them. In the case of exploring and getting your business done, you can get many things easily. Combining all aspects to boost your business will be good. So, you don’t have any regret using the method.

Choosing the Best Platform for Your Business

Promoting your business will be more than easy. You just have to prepare your need, so you can get along with the process. You can also consider choosing the right platform for your business. Many popular platforms will be good and suitable for your needs. As you choose this method for promotion, you can get plenty of profitable things. To make sure you get them right, you can get it by finding a lot of tips on Bulletintech. So, prepare yourself to get it right!

Making a Profit in the Used Car Business

Do you know that you can make some profit from second-hand cars? Then, How to Make a Profit in the Used Car Business? You can start by checking the best small luxury SUV. As an attempt to grow profits, much funding is used to invest capital, whether within the shape of money, gold, or property, via planting activities. Many humans look at this funding activity. That’s because there is a tantalizing advantage that you will get. No kidding, for simply one funding, you could go back to the undertaking capital that you do.

Car Market

You can start establishing a car company such as car renting. From there we will see that the funding this car market has already dominated the existing commercial enterprise world. Many young people have begun to explore this funding line, you are not any exception. Usually, millennials who discover the car market world opt to play in virtual funding activities as an example.

The automobile they have is used to open a commercial enterprise by using applying digital-based totally concepts. The question is: Could car investment can boom your earnings? Of course. You can use your automobile as a source of profits by using applying the subsequent methods.

Car Agencies

The variety of digital agencies that provide transportation offerings has succeeded in converting humans’ lifestyles. Most humans flow from traditional transportation to online transportation. Because the online transportation gives offerings which can be easy to use and can go via numerous routes. If you are looking for a car to be used as a business, you can try finding the best small luxury SUV.

  1. Digitize Your Business

You shouldn’t wait longer for the automobile to come. People simply want it to be ready at the front door of their houses without delay. In fact, you furthermore may no longer experience anxiety due to the rates offered. Because online transportation affords cashless bills at discounted charges. Because of the high demand for it, you want to take part in presenting public transportation services. You may offer you an empty seat in the automobile for friends or other passengers that has the same route as.

  1. Car Modification Business

Another investment that you could make to your automobile is to modify it. Not a few automotive  fanatics who take this direction to definitely channel a hobby. However, there are additionally folks that are fortunate to participate in a car amendment contest. From the various contests that you may follow, in case you win, you may bring home a good amount of money. You can start your hobby by checking various types of cars and the best small luxury SUV for your renting purposes.

Those are several ways of how to gain profit from used car in these recent days. You can actually modify those ways as you like as long as you profit from it. You can also try to buy used car with cheap price, and then you fix, polish and modify it to look cool, and you sell it with a higher price.

The Focus of the Law Firm Business Model

It is known that establishing a law firm will lead you to have a lot of money. Ironically, some others could also be in ruin due to the old tradition of a business model that they have. Moreover, to establish a law firm, it is required to be run by a lawyer. This is a kind of business model which deals to get the partnership to others. There are a corporate infrastructure lawfirm in Indonesia which is owned by a well-known attorney. This is absolutely working in order to get the reputation to gain partnerships with others.

Partnership Model

In order to have a partnership, the law firm will usually hire the ones who are graduated from law school. This is completely effective for the costs since a law firm will not use too many operational costs. Furthermore, it will tighten their growth to gain high profit for the company. Hence, the use of a business model is very effective both for employees as well as future running.

What They Do

Regarding to the law firm business model, here are several things that you should know:

  • Fee

In practice, a law firm focus on several fields of law, one of the examples is to get the income from the contingent fee. In this case, the fee accepted by the lawyer comes as the contingent towards the success of the case. Then, this kind of fee will be used to cover the other cost needed. Actually, a corporate infrastructure lawfirm in Indonesia, they mostly look for the settlement to keep the expenses in balance.

  • Retail

It is known that most of the lawyers tend to specifically select the legal work for the mass market. However, in the law firm business model will charge the fixed feed forever single specific service. In addition, this kind of service is really effective since they can improve the client’s benefit efficiently. In addition, the law firm does not need to seek a more additional job. This kind of fixed price does help the clients to expenses the cost-efficiently. Then, they may also have a high margin on this.

  • Vendors

Some law firm also focuses to provide in-house counseling. Commonly, their clients are the large corporations that need assistance to handle the legal operations towards corporation business. In this field of work, they will have lots of workloads. Hence, this kind of law firm can also be called as the vendor which works to the large companies.

  • Partnerships

On the other hand, most of the law firm business model play as the partnership one. In this case, the partner will hire the associates and earn the money as profit. Here, the lawyer will make the income from billing with the hourly rate for any kind of work they do. Hence, it is more profitable in practice.


Hence, those are the things about the law firm business model in Corporate Infrastructure Lawfirm in Indonesia. They are focused on several kinds of work and it maximized their profit by working mostly with an hourly rate.

7 Tips to Grow Your Youtube Channel and Earn Money

Nowadays people are getting fond of watching Youtube as they can find lots of contents that they like. Then, this would be a good opportunity for you who will be getting into this circle. A successful Youtuber can be seen from how many people that have done free youtube views towards your videos. In addition, the amount of subscriber will also determine such a thing.

Being a Youtuber

In order to be a Youtuber, your job is not merely about posting the video that you like. However, it has a concept and plan where the path of your content will be going. In addition, you will also have to maintain your subscribers and even gain them more and more. The more subscriber that you have day by day, the more money that you can earn.

Tips to Be Successful Youtuber

Then, if you like to be a successful Youtubers with lots of subscribers and viewers, the following tips might be workable on you:

  • Attractive content

In gaining more viewers and subscriber, you should create attractive content. If you are focused on reviewing a particular product, then you can also discuss the use of the product in which most of the people rarely know about. Simply, create a video which has a common thing, but it is different from the other free youtube views.

  • Mind the duration

Do you know that the duration is also important when you make a video? Then, it would be so much better for you to create a video in about 5-10 minutes. In addition, make sure that you can trigger the viewers to keep watching the video in the first 10 seconds of your video.

  • Spread on Social Media

This would be another advantage if the content of your videos can be shared to other social media by your viewers since it can gain more viewers to visit your channel. Therefore, it is important for you to make such useful content which makes people like to share it.

  • Activate Google Ads

When your Youtube channel can gain the amount of the viewers which can grant the Google Ads to be placed there, so just activate it directly. This is where you can earn money from your Youtube channel.

  • Posting consistently

Your performance will also be assessed by Youtube, so being a Youtuber means that you have to be consistent in posting the videos. Then, you should have a plan for how many videos that you will post within a month. Make sure that you give something fresh to the viewers in every video.

  • Do Collaboration

Doing collaboration with another Youtuber is a trend now. This one is working to gain more viewers. You can search and offer the Youtuber you choose to do a collaboration.

  • Create a good title

The title is important to attract the viewers. You should create the persuasive title of your video in order to attract them and then click your video to watch it.

Shortly, those are all the tips of gaining viewers on Youtube. Stay creative in making free youtube views so that it can be useful for the viewers.

Get the 8 Best Software for Small Business

Running a small business is fun, as long as you know how you apply the strategy for being successful. While you start running a business, maybe you’ll face many obstacles. But you can choose some solutions to make sure your business is running smoothly. One of them is by choosing the software for your business from FileHorse Software. In the case of choosing the right app, you also need to know about the right apps to use. These apps will help you a lot in organizing your information as well as getting more access for managing the schedule and others.

The List of 8 Perfect Business Software to Try

As you build your business to be more productive, choosing the right software from FileHorse Software is the most important thing to try. Here are some functional apps you can try:

  1. QuickBooks Pro 2017 offers not only a good way to make your report. It is a product from Intuit, a big company whose expertise is in finance. It helps you to make many kinds of the report, such as invoice, making payrolls and other. Time tracking is also a good feature for everyone using this software.
  2. Infusionsoft Complete is a good app for everyone who wants to have a software for assisting the marketing process. This software provides a good way to make sure that your marketing process is doing great. It is able to track your interaction with your clients to optimize its function.
  3. Microsoft Office has been one of the legends in PC software. You can choose the newest version of Microsoft Office 2016 for an easy file sharing and other things you can try. It is familiar and easy to operate.
  4. If you opt to use Mac instead of Windows or Linux, you can opt to use Xero. This software helps you a lot in managing your business. It helps you to do the accounting tasks, making sure you can get a lot of function and features.

The Best Accounting Software to Try

Here are some of the most recommended accounting software for small business:

  1. For you who need good software for improving your accounting functions for your business, TurboTax is what you really need. It has many kinds of features that will be perfect for everyone who’s looking for simplicity in making tax report.
  2. Are you looking for free software? Try Wave Accounting for your business. It is cloud-based software for accounting that will not charge you. It helps you to control a very small business.
  3. Another software for a very small business is Zoho Books. It is a good option if you want to start your business without getting stressed. Suitable for freelancers and proprietors, you will love this functional software.
  4. For simple usage, you can opt t install FreshBooks to manage your business. Focusing on simple accounting usage, it helps you a lot in getting plenty of simple functions to optimize your features.

So, those are the most recommended software to try. You can get them by downloading from FileHorse Software.

Investing Your Money in the Right Place for Success

Everybody wants to be successful, as they will get plenty of life comfort when being successful. But, being a successful person is not an easy way. There is a long way to run, to get along with the options from the world. When it comes to you to get the most of your life, you can opt for having an investment portfolio. But, above all, you can consider a lot of factors for getting along with your life. Besides, your life also has challenges to consider, making sure you have to be ready to face them. In this case, investing your money in the right things is the best.

The Smart Ways for Investing Money

When it comes to you to obtain a good life, you will have the best by investing the most suitable thing. In this case, investing money is not a simple thing. You have to be smart for getting the right investment portfolio. Here are some things you need to note:

  1. When you invest your money in an excellent business, of course, you will have more profits. Therefore, you might want to invest your money in some business which will give you high returns but without having to spend much money on the capital. It seems difficult, but you will find your way to get such a business.
  2. When investing money, make sure you can get business with durable competitive advantages. In case of investing your money, especially in the stock market, choosing the best one is what you need for your business. In this case, you can invest in some consumer goods companies with a long life term. Of course, it will also be a beneficial thing for you.
  3. Evaluate the companies with long term, scalable business. You can make sure that your investment will never go wrong if you choose them. In this case, these companies will not only give you the considerations for having profits but also a high return for your long term investment.
  4. Choose a sable company if you want to invest your money on them. A good company will provide a product that is timeless and will give you a constant profit every year, no matter how the economic and political climate at the time. It also provides a stable option for the investment, so you will get the best way for it.

What to Expect from the Right Investment?

Investing your money in the best businesses will give you the most attractive thing to do. When it comes to you to obtain the right options, you can get some things for your business or any other investment. Here are some things you can consider for you:

  1. Make sure you plan your investment right away. It gives you the right options so you can get the best result from your investment. Don’t hesitate to choose the mentor for giving a hand to understand the condition at the market.
  2. When you get the right company for investment, you can get a lot of reviews and other considerations for your business. It might seem complicated at first, but you will not get them right if you have persistence for doing the investment.

Those are some importance of having a good investment for your business. You can opt for having the right amount of money for getting along with the condition. But, you can optimize them for a good start in your portfolio.

How to Start a Business in a Developing Countries

Living in West Papua is challenging since you will find lots of uniqueness that maybe you never feel it before. Sometimes you can have something like West Papua freedom to live here. There are some reasons that support this one. West Papua is located on the East of Indonesia where nature is well kept here. Thus, you can feel the natural beauty in real here which can be called as freedom.

Life in West Papua

West Papua is surrounded by the ocean where you can find out so many beaches here. In addition, it is enhanced with the purity of the water by the turquoise-colored sea. This is a very stunning right? Well, this kind of scenery is the one that you will often see if you live here. Moreover, West Papua is committed to making seventy percent of its area as the conservative area. Thus, nature is well kept and you can still feel the fresh air every day.

The Ideas of Business in West Papua

In relation to its geographic area, some people might be wondering about the economy in West Papua, especially those who want to run a business there. Here are several ideas that you can do to run a business there:

  • Ocean Tourism

It is known that West Papua is now developing its area in tourism by offering the natural beauty in the tropical country. Moreover, West Papua has been acknowledged by its beautiful oceans which are not only one but it is a lot! If you like to start your business here, you can actually bid this tourist attraction. Some beaches are good to have scuba diving there and this would be a good idea if you can open a diving school there. You can feel West Papua freedom if you run the business here.

  • Offer the Holiday Package

Another idea to run the business in West Papua is that you can open a tour and travel agent. Since Papua still keeps its nature so that the tourists should know about doing and dont’s. Therefore, the travel agent will be needed in order to guide the tourist and provide the accommodation as well as transportation in West Papua. Your business may be developed well in this field.

  • Provide hospitality

Since West Papua spoils the tourists with its beautiful ocean so that some people can have such a romantic moment there. It would be highly recommended for you to open a business in the hospitality field. Building a hotel on the edge of the sea will be the best idea to do. You can invite the tourist to feel West Papua freedom by enjoying the fresh air, seeing a natural beauty as much as they do. People would love to spend the honeymoon time in such a romantic place like the ocean so that it would be good if you can run such business.

  • Souvenirs

Another big idea is that you can work together with the locals to build the souvenirs shop. This would be developing really good if you want to run a business here. Tourists can buy something before they get back to their countries as the souvenirs. Just think of something that can be highlighted to make the souvenirs. Work with the locals who understand about all the interests of West Papua.

Hence, those are several ideas of business if you like to run it here. Besides getting on West Papua freedom in your life, you can also build a business there. By the light of West Papua attractions, it is not bad for you to start to build the business in this field. This would be highly recommended and you can develop it well from time to time.

The Things That You Can Do To Make Your Organization To Be Success

Organization id the part of a country as the place where people gather and work systematically, organized, planned, controlled and guided. They have the rules itself that must be obeyed by each member. They also have one specific purpose that they will try to reach it together. There are several types of organizations that we often encounter, such as when we are in junior or senior high school we will familiar with intra school organization, in the community we recognize youth organization, and there are also national and multinational organization such as ASEAN and United Nations.

The Management Of Organization

In each organization, they need the management system. This management system is the process of planning, leading, organizing, and controlling the work of members of that organization and also using all of the resources of the organization to achieve their goals that have been set. The purpose of organizational management is to provide unity and security for the members. So that the performance of that organization can be more effective, especially if in that organization there are some departments. There are some of the parts in organizational management.

  1. Planning

Before you formulate the aims of the organization, you must make planning first. Because planning is the foundation of the organization. You need to make the missions and visions of the organization. Not only that, you need to make the plan A and B also.

  1. Actuating

After you get the plan, you and another member of that organization must be actuated that plan. Actuating is means the implementation of regulation and planning. In this part, the resources of the organization must be using maximized.

  1. Controlling

In an organization, you not only implemented the plan that has been created but also controlling the work. The control part has the advantage to know, how good that planning run? Those controlling parts is also useful to evaluate the work of each member.

So that your organization to be a success, so you need to implement this way.

  1. Set directions

First of all is we need to formulate the visions and missions, setting the priorities and the goals, and we also need to set the rules of the organization.

  1. Achieve effectiveness

After you formulate the visions and mission, you need to make your member know about their responsibilities and roles that they have to obey. You need to identify the capability of each member, so you will know what the job that suits for them.

  1. Can be done by doing

After each member know about their job and roles, so you need to make the evaluation to get the feedback, the management conflict, the creative process, so you can make the effective decisions

  1. Achieve the successful

After you maintain the motivations to your members, making progress notes, revitalizing team meetings, so, you and your team will celebrate the success.

An organization will be a success if it has the leader who has the firmness, responsiveness, ability, and responsibility. The good members also have the main function of an organization.