Discover Fun Things to Do in Papua New Guinea

What comes to your mind when you hear about Papua New Guinea? You might think about its forest and pristine nature. This country is popular due to its untouched parts of the land, making its natural beauty remains green and beautiful. They also have the traditional tribe. As you visit the country in west Papua, you’ll also experience something new here. Almost everything in Papua New Guinea is about adventure and trekking. Somehow, this country offers something you can’t get in other parts of the world. So, are you ready to choose where your adventure will be?

3 Best Destination for Adventure in Papua New Guinea

Exploring Papua New Guinea is actually fun. You can get to its untouched beauty and get more than what you expect. The mountains in west Papua are pretty and the people easily welcome new people. As we mentioned before, Papua New Guinea is all about adventure. So, we’ll give you the most popular places to start your adventure in Papua New Guinea

  1. The Highest Point

If you love trekking, then having a trekking session to the highest point in Papua New Guinea and Oceania will be a new experience for you. While you’re there, explore the highest point of this country, which is located in Mount Wilhelm with 4,509m height. Experience various trail that will bring you closer to nature.

  1. Hailiku Village Tour

Do you want to know the people of Papua New Guinea and still have an adventurous trip? Then having a village tour is the right answer. Go caving and cliff jumping with the people of Hailiku Village. You will explore Itanub Cave in west Papua and experience a new adventure in its pristine nature. Go with where the nature calls you and get the most unforgettable experience!

  1. Madang

Madang is the best option for everyone who looks for an excellent experience of island hoping and diving. These islands are pristine and you can find jungle, beaches, and even villages where you can interact with the locals. You can also experience a never-before activities like snorkeling and diving. It must be fun and full of adventure!

Those are some things you can do while you’re in Papua New Guinea, a perfect place to release your stress and becoming one with nature. Don’t hesitate trying something new while you can enjoy all sorts of comfort and conveniences in a paradise called Papua New Guinea.

Preparations for Papua New Guinea Trip

Having a trip to Papua New Guinea is just like any other trips you had. The only thing you have to take note is about how you need to pack for essentials. What things do you need to bring? Do you have any special needs or medications when you explore west Papua? Make sure you’re ready for anything that might happen in your trip. Prepare your belongings, bring the essentials, and make sure you have your itinerary ready! You need to do a research about the accommodation, and transport while you’re in Papua New Guinea. So, don’t hesitate to try visiting this beautiful country!