How to Start a Business in a Developing Countries

Living in West Papua is challenging since you will find lots of uniqueness that maybe you never feel it before. Sometimes you can have something like West Papua freedom to live here. There are some reasons that support this one. West Papua is located on the East of Indonesia where nature is well kept here. Thus, you can feel the natural beauty in real here which can be called as freedom.

Life in West Papua

West Papua is surrounded by the ocean where you can find out so many beaches here. In addition, it is enhanced with the purity of the water by the turquoise-colored sea. This is a very stunning right? Well, this kind of scenery is the one that you will often see if you live here. Moreover, West Papua is committed to making seventy percent of its area as the conservative area. Thus, nature is well kept and you can still feel the fresh air every day.

The Ideas of Business in West Papua

In relation to its geographic area, some people might be wondering about the economy in West Papua, especially those who want to run a business there. Here are several ideas that you can do to run a business there:

  • Ocean Tourism

It is known that West Papua is now developing its area in tourism by offering the natural beauty in the tropical country. Moreover, West Papua has been acknowledged by its beautiful oceans which are not only one but it is a lot! If you like to start your business here, you can actually bid this tourist attraction. Some beaches are good to have scuba diving there and this would be a good idea if you can open a diving school there. You can feel West Papua freedom if you run the business here.

  • Offer the Holiday Package

Another idea to run the business in West Papua is that you can open a tour and travel agent. Since Papua still keeps its nature so that the tourists should know about doing and dont’s. Therefore, the travel agent will be needed in order to guide the tourist and provide the accommodation as well as transportation in West Papua. Your business may be developed well in this field.

  • Provide hospitality

Since West Papua spoils the tourists with its beautiful ocean so that some people can have such a romantic moment there. It would be highly recommended for you to open a business in the hospitality field. Building a hotel on the edge of the sea will be the best idea to do. You can invite the tourist to feel West Papua freedom by enjoying the fresh air, seeing a natural beauty as much as they do. People would love to spend the honeymoon time in such a romantic place like the ocean so that it would be good if you can run such business.

  • Souvenirs

Another big idea is that you can work together with the locals to build the souvenirs shop. This would be developing really good if you want to run a business here. Tourists can buy something before they get back to their countries as the souvenirs. Just think of something that can be highlighted to make the souvenirs. Work with the locals who understand about all the interests of West Papua.

Hence, those are several ideas of business if you like to run it here. Besides getting on West Papua freedom in your life, you can also build a business there. By the light of West Papua attractions, it is not bad for you to start to build the business in this field. This would be highly recommended and you can develop it well from time to time.