The Ways To Get The Healthy Body In 14 Days

You can be sure that everyone wants a healthy body and away from various disease. However, this desire cannot be used as a person who does not maintain the lifestyle that can change your bode to be more healthy. It takes the right lifestyle to be able to have a healthy body. You need to know that, to get the healthy body you need more efforts that maybe no each people do it. So, how you can get the healthy body in 14 days?


To get a healthy body in 14 days, you need to consume a nutritious and healthy food. Make sure that your eating fruits and vegetables. If you want to eat meat, make sure that it is not the fat meat. Because as we know that if we consume the fat meat much more, so it will make some disease such as the high cholesterol that can make the heart disease. You also need to pay attention to how much food that you consume. Do not each too much but also do not eat too little. Make sure that you eat the right portion according to your calorie needs as well as nutrients in the body.

Drinking Water

As we know that most of our body is consists of water. So, drinking water is very important. So that, the body will stay fresh and healthy. Make sure that you drinking the water not less than 8 glasses a day. If you don’t like so much more to drinking water, so you can replace it with the healthy drink such as vegetable juice or fruit juice.

You also need to avoid consume the instant meal and drink. Because the ready to eat drinks and foods are quite dangerous for your health. In addition, you do not only avoid the ready to eat foods and drinks but also you need to stop smoking.

Enough Excercise

Make sure that you do enough exercise. So, it will make your body always the health and get the ideal posture. If you are not strong with strenuous exercise, you can do light exercise such as cycling or walks in the morning. Taking a rest is also an important point to get a healthy body. Make sure that you have enough sleep at night. Enough rest can make your body and mind feel fresh and relax. So, no matter how busy you are, make sure that you get enough rest.

When the weekend arrives, use the time to make a vacation or just visiting the tourist attraction that can make you enjoy the atmosphere and the green scenery. It doesn’t have to be in a fancy and far away place. Just a short walk can reduce stress after getting tired from work.

Always Be Grateful

A little or a lot fortune that you get, don’t forget to always be grateful and thanks to God. Hopefully, something that you achieved gives blessing and benefits in your life and do not forget to always smile whatever your condition in that time.

The Benefits That You Will Get If You Have The Good Posture

Body posture is the position when you do various movements, such as lying down, sitting, running, standing up, and much more. When you have a good and ideal posture, the burden and tension are given to fewer ligaments and muscles. Improving body posture is not justifying the body’s position in doing a movement. However, it is part of a healthy lifestyle. Because the ideal posture has an influence on your mental and physical health. Are you feel curious about what are the benefits of having an ideal posture?

Make The Breathing Smooth

A good posture makes your breathing more smooth. Sitting or standing with the correct posture, allows the lungs to take more oxygen by about 30 percent. In addition, the diaphragm and ribs are under pressure, so that they are more effective in regulating the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body. While the posture is bent when sitting, the air flow becomes blocked. Because the diaphragm gets more pressure and the ribs become more narrow, providing an air circulation. If this let happens, the oxygen intake that you should get becomes reduced. The cells and tissues can be deficient in oxygen and eventually there will be dysfunction of your body.

Become More Focused

A good posture can facilitate breathing, it also has an effect on your brain. When oxygen is properly fulfilled, it makes the brain work more effectively, so you will be more focused. During the evening, your focus and stamina will decrease. You start to get yawn and sleepy. This is actually a sign that your body lacks oxygen. So, if your body posture is good, more oxygen is coming in. Then you will be more focused even though it’s late afternoon.

Reduce The Headaches

If you often feel the headaches, poor posture can be the cause. This headache causes pressure around the forehead or the back of the head and neck. The tension of a headache is usually caused by tension in the neck muscles, jaw muscles, and upper back muscles. To deal with this headache, make sure you rearrange the position of your body by equalizing your ears and upper shoulder in parallel position. Then gently massage the area around the back to the ear to the upper shoulder. Stretch your hands behind your back with each other holding hands. It will help you to reduce the tension of a headache.

Reduce Stress

The sitting upright can reduce stress and increase morale while sitting in a bent position can cause drowsiness, boredom, fear, and also nervousness. Based on the researches agree that correcting the position of the body properly can affect many things in the body, such as the nervous system and hormones. The function of the nervous system that changes moods and increases the blood pressure.

Decrease The Joints Pains

If you often feel pain in your joints, so it may cause a bad posture. Therefore, in order not to feel aches and pains in the joints, you must improve your posture. These actions can balance and straighten muscles. Not only that, but the good posture also can reduce pressure on the joints that often cause the injury.

The 3 Tips To Get Healthy And Fitness Life For The Hardworker

As a hard worker, you are pushed to finish your job on time no matter what. Daily busyness certainly takes a lot of time that can make you lost the time to refresh. Apparently, this phenomenon is common, given the relentless work deadlines of someone to override the meaning of health. Do not let yourself to keep your healthy mind and body even though you are busy working. Then, how do you keep yourself healthy in the midst of the endless busyness?

Take A Break

When the break time arrives, take the advantage of some of the time to just lay down or put your head on your hands to rest. You don’t need a long time, just 10 until 15 minutes. Based on The National Sleep Foundation give the recommendation for the hard workers to take the time to take a nap. So that health and productivity are maintained. So your performance will increase. A short nap can also restore the energy that has been wasted while working.

Healthy Diet

Sitting for hours at the front of a computer is certainly not a good habit. When the mind focuses on the tasks carried out, the body always needs enough fluid. So that the joints don’t get sore easily and you will not be dehydrated. However, it must be remembered that the liquid consumed should not contain caffeine. So that, the frequency of urination does not increase. caffeinated drinks can inhibit diuretic hormones in kidneys. Instead, you can choose green tea. The antioxidant content of green tea can help facilitate digestion and prevent damage to body cells due to free radicals.

If you bring lunch from home, complete all the nutrients needed by the body such as protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. A healthy diet that is maintained will have a significant impact on the health of the body in the future. Usually, the hard workers who are busy with their duties will override the food intake that enters the body.

If you are hungry before lunch or in the afternoon. Therefore, always have a snack so the stomach is not too empty. However, snacks that you eat have to consider the nutrition. Fruit juice is the one of the right choice. This healthy snack is not only filling, but also serves to maintain the pH balance and intake of body fluids. So you will not be easy to be dehydrated. Besides fruit, the other foods that you can consume before lunch or dinner are low-fat cheese, nuts, or milk. The protein that contains in that foods will keep your body energized until the meal time arrive.

Multivitamin And Exercise

Within a week, the company, of course, give the free day for the workers. Take the advantage of the holiday to do the exercise, such as fitness exercise, jogging, cycling, and so on. It can help the body to stay fit. So that, we can be more refreshed and uplifted the next day.

When busyness requires us to always be active, so you need to eat the multivitamins to balance your energy. To consume vitamins in the form of food, sometimes it doesn’t have time. Therefore, the consumption of multivitamins is the best choice for hard workers likes you. If the body lacks vitamins, the regulatory system in the body will also be hampered.

Take The Time To Refreshing

No matter how busy you are, the family is where your sighs. Do not let the togetherness with your family lost just because of your busyness. Take the time to just joke with your family. So that stress due to busyness can be reduced. Support provided by the family can also increase enthusiasm for work.

The Things That You Can Do To Make Your Organization To Be Success

Organization id the part of a country as the place where people gather and work systematically, organized, planned, controlled and guided. They have the rules itself that must be obeyed by each member. They also have one specific purpose that they will try to reach it together. There are several types of organizations that we often encounter, such as when we are in junior or senior high school we will familiar with intra school organization, in the community we recognize youth organization, and there are also national and multinational organization such as ASEAN and United Nations.

The Management Of Organization

In each organization, they need the management system. This management system is the process of planning, leading, organizing, and controlling the work of members of that organization and also using all of the resources of the organization to achieve their goals that have been set. The purpose of organizational management is to provide unity and security for the members. So that the performance of that organization can be more effective, especially if in that organization there are some departments. There are some of the parts in organizational management.

  1. Planning

Before you formulate the aims of the organization, you must make planning first. Because planning is the foundation of the organization. You need to make the missions and visions of the organization. Not only that, you need to make the plan A and B also.

  1. Actuating

After you get the plan, you and another member of that organization must be actuated that plan. Actuating is means the implementation of regulation and planning. In this part, the resources of the organization must be using maximized.

  1. Controlling

In an organization, you not only implemented the plan that has been created but also controlling the work. The control part has the advantage to know, how good that planning run? Those controlling parts is also useful to evaluate the work of each member.

So that your organization to be a success, so you need to implement this way.

  1. Set directions

First of all is we need to formulate the visions and missions, setting the priorities and the goals, and we also need to set the rules of the organization.

  1. Achieve effectiveness

After you formulate the visions and mission, you need to make your member know about their responsibilities and roles that they have to obey. You need to identify the capability of each member, so you will know what the job that suits for them.

  1. Can be done by doing

After each member know about their job and roles, so you need to make the evaluation to get the feedback, the management conflict, the creative process, so you can make the effective decisions

  1. Achieve the successful

After you maintain the motivations to your members, making progress notes, revitalizing team meetings, so, you and your team will celebrate the success.

An organization will be a success if it has the leader who has the firmness, responsiveness, ability, and responsibility. The good members also have the main function of an organization.

What Makes Big Data Important for Business?

Big data is one of many important parts of the business. From the name, you might conclude about what actually inside it. Yes, it is very big and contains some notes about unstructured and structured data. It requires high techniques to manage big data tools. However, some people might still confuse the essence of big data tools.

Big Data Tools And How Important It Is

Actually, the essence of big data is something that very crucial. It can lead to some improvement of the company or business. It is even important to give the solution about the problems in a business. So, what makes big data tools important?

  • Cost Savings

Even though you might feel it too expensive as your first time using the big data tools, you actually can lessen your business budget. As you already get the big data tools, it means that you can reduce the outcome for more IT staff. The big data tools will be a system that good for keeping the data.

As you will have fewer outcomes because of the existence of big data, you can keep it for other things. It is because the money that should be paid for the IT employment does not be used. In other words, you can increase the cost saving and prepare it for more saving in the future. So, big data tools are something necessary for your business.

  • Online Reputations’ Control

Controlling our business reputation is something important. For the growth of your company, you have to make sure that you can monitor what people say about the company. Then, from that point, you can learn how to give better service. Besides that, to know about the online reputation, of course, you have to get the big data.

  • Market Condition Analysis

The existence of big data and its analysis is very useful for the current condition of the markets. You can learn about several things in the market. For instance, you can analyze the behaviors of the buyers and many more. Because of this analysis, the company can make up the management and grow better for future achievement.

  • Better Customers Analysis

The other benefit of keeping the big data is that you will be easier to get the basic data to analyze your customers. It can help you to predict what things that customers wanted in the future are. You also can gather the complaints about your customers about your previous services. So, big data is really important in customer analysis.

Besides that, you also can give better service and even make innovation with your product. Yet, that kind of innovation can be invented by the big data of a company. So, you can make your company becomes better in services and also the quality of the products. Does it something good for your business in the future?

Those explanations about how important big data tools show that big data is something that very important. Moreover, if you think you need to increase your service and product, the big data is something important. So, do you understand already about the points that show how important big data tools are?

4 Stages of Business Growth to Know!

One of the most important things you have to learn from business is to learn about the stages of business growth. According to Jim Canfield, there are 4 stages of business growth that a company should through to get its best career. Each stage has a different challenge that should be done by the business company who through it. Want to get a deeper understanding of it? Check the following information!

4 Stages Of Business Growth And Its Challenge

As already stated before, the different stage will have a different challenge in order to make sure whether the business can through the next phase or not. Therefore, to understand each stage in the growth of the business, please check the following points!

  • Start-up

This phase is the beginning where you start your business. Here, you will introduce your concept and launched it to the market. Besides that, you also have to make sure that you can get enough support even in the pre-launch so that you can be easier to prove the concept that you have. Before you enter the real market, you have to strengthen your concept and also the marketing plan you have.

  • Build-up

At this stage, you will grow bigger as you already through the first phase. You will already need to maintain good relations with some amount of customers and you need to keep their trust. Some businesses are failed in this phase because they cannot manage good personnel and other management quite well.

  • Build-out

As you already get enough support as the base from the previous stage, you will get different challenge here. In this stage, you need to broaden your products and try different markets to gain new clients or customers for your business. It will make your business grows well and wider, yet you cannot forget about your old markets. You have to make sure to manage your old and new markets to stick their interest to your product.

  • Enterprise

In this phase, you already reach wider attention and even called as a national brand. After you reach this point, you can start to offer discounts. As you already in the top point, you might lose some of your entrepreneurial spirits. To make sure that you can keep that spirit, of course, you have to remember about your old struggle.

Besides that, do not think that you can be too easy to handle the management, as you still need to keep it in balance. Yes, even though the business is already big, you cannot forget how important management is. You also have to work as diligent as your old days while still being a start-up company. With that spirit, you will be able to manage your business in a long time.

Those are 4 stages of business growth that you have to know. As each stage has its important side, it is good to always try the best in every step we take when we build a business. So, if you think you are ready to start a business, you have to be ready to through those 4 stages. Make sure that your business will be able to overcome any challenge and through it well.

The Greatest Books for Who Want to be A Great Leader

The inspiring leader might not only impress the people they lead. However, they also will impress and inspire other people who find out how great their leadership. For you who want to be a great leader, you can learn it from those great leaders or learn it from something else. For example, you can learn it from some books that would be very helpful.

The Best Books Should Be Read By The Best Leader

As everybody knows that book contains many information and inspiration of life, you also can get books that can give you guidance on how to be a good leader. Being a great leader is something possible, even for you who think yourself still lack of many leadership skills. Here are five inspiring books to help you to be a great leader in your future!

  • “Leading Continuous Change: Navigating Churn in the Real World” by Bill Pasmore

This book will be much recommended for those who love to think about change. It will help you to know about how communication will affect the possibility of a change will fail or successful. For you who want to create a new and better culture in your company or your organization, the change leaders, you should read this book. Find your weapons here and get more solution for better organization and company!

  • “Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance” by Kim Cameron

This is one of the classic yet inspiring books of leadership. From this book, you will learn about how you will find your way to be a good leader. For the typical leaders who have more desire about some positive deviance, this book can be the solution for them.

This book is even more interesting if you are the type of people who love to know how emotion and attitude can give an impact for work. It does also tell you about how to create any positive culture in some organization or structure. You will really get the answers about your curiosity in those aspects.

  • “The Positive Organization: Breaking Free from Conventional Cultures, Constraints, and Beliefs” by Robert E. Quinn

For those who are starting or climbing the position to be a leader, this book will be good for them. This book will also help you who want to know how to work in teams properly and create a good atmosphere in a team. This book will really give the opinion about how to make work environment becomes more caring but still produce a good result and performance.

  • “Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy” by Amy C. Edmondson

This book can be categorized as more general leadership book as it is recommended for those who are being a leader. It will give many good tips of facing any kind of moods in the team and make it balance. It gives the solution about how to manage the performance with a good relationship between each team member and also the leader.

  • “A Leader’s Legacy” by James Kouzes and Barry Posner

The mystery of “relationship” between the leader and the employees will be given here. It will tell more about how good relationship between the leader and the employees will make the company stronger. It will make the employees give their trust in their leader and follow the good rules from the leader. For those who want to understand more about the personal character, this is a good book to read.

If you are really encouraged to be a great leader, you must have your curiosity to know more about leadership through those books. Read the one that you think will match with your current condition. However, if you have more free time, reading all of those recommended books will not make you disappointed.

Boost Our Productivity and Happiness from the Beginning of Day

If you want to have a good day, of course, you have to start it with a good and positive morning. You might be tired yesterday and it still gives impact to your physic even in the morning. However, you have to remember that you should be as productive as yesterday and even does everything better. You need to boost your mood in the morning, so you can manage your mind to be more productive.

What Should You Do To Boost Your Productivity

To make yourself becomes an enthusiast and more productive, you have to set your morning very well. These things are important for you in order to boost your productivity into your maximum point. Therefore, you can work on your maximum focus and do well with your job. Then, what you should do in the morning?

  • Wake Up Earlier

Waking up early morning is something that can be categorized as a good habit. You might need to sleep more but if you do not wake up earlier, you even do not have time to enjoy your morning. Yes, when you wake up earlier, you do not need to do your morning preparation in hurry. Some people who do not wake up earlier, they might even forget to have their breakfast.

However, if you decide to wake up earlier, you will have more time of preparation. You can take a bath in proper time and even make your delicious breakfast. If you still have your time, you can drink a cup of coffee or tea while reading the morning newspaper before going to your work.

  • Just Say Your Goals Out Loud

You can do another thing to boost your mood. For example, you can say your goals loudly in the morning. If you are an entrepreneur and you have a small growing company, for instance, and you want your company to work better today, you have to say it. Say it loudly that your company will grow better, so your mind will get motivation and work harder. Then, you can be more productive today.

  • Having To-Do List

The other helpful thing to make your day become more productive is that you have to prepare your To-Do list. For some people, this kind of management is something important. They will write any things that should be done in a day. If you also want to try making your To-Do list, you have to write it based on the priority. In another hand, you also can write it by the order of the time it should be finished.

Write important things you have to do in your day, make sure that you make the deadline. Then, follow the to-do list that you already create in the morning. It will motivate you to be more productive and even work harder as you have some important things to be done.

By having those simple yet helpful things in the morning, you can boost your mood and your productivity. You will work harder than yesterday so that your goals will be reached. Even your to-do list will be completed in a day.

Be Prepare As If You Will Through Tough Financial Times!

The financial problem can be a problem is a problem that can be through by many people. You might also have experience with this. Of course, experiencing the financial problem is not easy. Especially when you have a business or company, the financial problem can be a serious issue. Many people become depressed because of financial problem. However, it does not mean that you cannot handle it.

Things Should You Do As If You Are Through Tough Financial Times

If you are facing a financial problem, before you decide to give up and do bad things which will ruin more things, you have to know how to face it. Of course, facing financial problems need times and you also have to know the best steps of it. Then, what you should do for facing the tough financial problem?

  • Keep in Mind: Everything will Get Better

Being positive even though you are facing a bad time is a very good thing. By thinking positive, you will make yourself believe that there is a solution to any problem. It also will make you get the motivation to think about what to do in order to solve the financial problem and make it get better. With this simple yet positive attitude, the big impact hopefully will come.

  • Find the Trusted-Perfect One

If you think you need to tell your problem to any of your friends, make sure that you can find the trusted one. Tell your problem to the one whom you think will help you in giving a solution or at least will make you feel that you can face the problem. Even though they might do not have the capability to give a specific solution, at least they can help you to focus on your priority. They will help you keep on your track and accompany you to face the problems.

  • Get Plan and More Plans

After you have experience of facing a tough time, you have to be more ready with what probably happen in the future. You better to have a plan and more plans in the future. It will help you to maintain the backup plan too as if your main plan does not work well. So, the tough time can give you a good learning and you can grow stronger.

  • Avoid the Stress On Something that Could Not be Controlled

Economy or financial things are something that cannot be controlled. Even you who already prepare for it and you think your preparation is already perfect, you will never know if there will be a problem. So, do not get too stressed because of it and make sure you can come back with stronger plans.

  • Priority on Saving

Saving is important for your financial. As you do not have the total control of money or economical things that are going on, you better to have your saving. Saving can help you as the backup financial once you might experience unexpected thing in the future.

Those tips are very important for you to follow if you want to face any financial problems. You have to remember that you still have the possibility to be better. By understanding those tips, you will be able to overcome the crisis easier.