Palm Oil as The Biggest Money-Makin Industry

Palm oil is one of the most highly consumed oils in the world. Not only that, palm oil is used in almost all industries.

Palm oil is classified as cheap and easy to produce. So apart from being consumed, palm oil can also be used for a variety of products such as cosmetics, hygiene products, food, and sources of biodiesel.

Indonesia is the largest palm oil producer in the world. One company that has several palm oil processing factories is Mahkota Group.

This company has been established in 2011 and has several palm oil processing factories spread across Riau Province. As we know, Riau is one of the largest palm oil-producing areas in Indonesia.

Palm Oil As The Biggest Money-Producing Industry

Indonesia has millions of hectares of oil palm land. And Indonesia has warm temperatures and high rainfall which causes oil palm trees to thrive in this country. Moreover, the need for palm oil is always increasing every time.

Mahkota Group is one of the best companies in palm oil processing because it prioritizes environmental safety and the welfare of the community around oil palm plantations.

One of the company’s efforts to improve the Indonesian economy apart from exporting palm oil is to empower communities around oil palm plantations.

Because there are still many companies that work unsustainably with the environment and cause many problems in society. Moreover, Indonesia is known as the largest palm oil exporter in the world.

So what makes palm oil the biggest money-making industry in the world? Here’s why:

  • Efficiency

Oil palm is much more productive and efficient than other vegetable oil-producing crops. Because of one hectare of oil palm land can produce 4.17 metric tons of palm oil per year.

The need for land to produce palm oil also tends to be smaller than other oil-producing crops. Moreover, oil palm plants only require little fertilizer, energy, and pesticides.

  • Economic Improvement

Indonesia is the largest palm oil producer in the world. So it is not surprising that the palm oil industry has helped lift millions of Indonesians out of poverty.

Indonesia accounts for around 85% of global palm oil needs. Large oil palm plantations create jobs that help improve the community’s economy.

Mahkota Group is one of the companies that play an important role in improving the Indonesian economy. Because this company has a healthy business that benefits the company and also benefits the surrounding community.

Of course, this is what Indonesia needs to advance its economy. One way is through a program owned by a palm oil processing company in Indonesia.

Most of Indonesia’s palm oil is exported to several countries and generates more than $18 billion in foreign exchange annually.

  • Versatile Palm Oil

The oil palm tree is a tree that has many benefits. So that palm oil also has a long shelf life.

Palm oil is used as a food ingredient that is consumed by the world community. Not surprisingly, palm oil can be used as a raw material for making beauty, health, and biodiesel products.

Palm oil contains less than 1% trans fat which can make for a healthier diet. However, the consumption of palm oil also needs to be considered because the cholesterol content is quite high.

Palm oil has very high stability at high temperatures. This makes palm oil very suitable for frying and cooking.

While its relatively high melting point makes palm oil a fairly cost-effective substitute for baked goods.

Palm oil also produces sodium lauryl sulfate which can be used as an ingredient in beauty and health products such as soap, toothpaste, and household cleaners.

Every year the need for palm oil is increasing due to the growth of the human population. In addition, palm oil is also used in various industries.

Those are some of the reasons why palm oil is called one of the most profitable industries. It is proven that in Indonesia itself, oil palm farmers also have high incomes.

Mahkota Group is one of the companies that prioritize Indonesia’s economic growth with a healthy business and prioritizes the welfare of the community.

Of course, palm oil processing plants also prioritize the best quality palm oil for the global market and the needs of the beauty, health, and biodiesel industries.