The Benefits That You Will Get If You Have The Good Posture

Body posture is the position when you do various movements, such as lying down, sitting, running, standing up, and much more. When you have a good and ideal posture, the burden and tension are given to fewer ligaments and muscles. Improving body posture is not justifying the body’s position in doing a movement. However, it is part of a healthy lifestyle. Because the ideal posture has an influence on your mental and physical health. Are you feel curious about what are the benefits of having an ideal posture?

Make The Breathing Smooth

A good posture makes your breathing more smooth. Sitting or standing with the correct posture, allows the lungs to take more oxygen by about 30 percent. In addition, the diaphragm and ribs are under pressure, so that they are more effective in regulating the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body. While the posture is bent when sitting, the air flow becomes blocked. Because the diaphragm gets more pressure and the ribs become more narrow, providing an air circulation. If this let happens, the oxygen intake that you should get becomes reduced. The cells and tissues can be deficient in oxygen and eventually there will be dysfunction of your body.

Become More Focused

A good posture can facilitate breathing, it also has an effect on your brain. When oxygen is properly fulfilled, it makes the brain work more effectively, so you will be more focused. During the evening, your focus and stamina will decrease. You start to get yawn and sleepy. This is actually a sign that your body lacks oxygen. So, if your body posture is good, more oxygen is coming in. Then you will be more focused even though it’s late afternoon.

Reduce The Headaches

If you often feel the headaches, poor posture can be the cause. This headache causes pressure around the forehead or the back of the head and neck. The tension of a headache is usually caused by tension in the neck muscles, jaw muscles, and upper back muscles. To deal with this headache, make sure you rearrange the position of your body by equalizing your ears and upper shoulder in parallel position. Then gently massage the area around the back to the ear to the upper shoulder. Stretch your hands behind your back with each other holding hands. It will help you to reduce the tension of a headache.

Reduce Stress

The sitting upright can reduce stress and increase morale while sitting in a bent position can cause drowsiness, boredom, fear, and also nervousness. Based on the researches agree that correcting the position of the body properly can affect many things in the body, such as the nervous system and hormones. The function of the nervous system that changes moods and increases the blood pressure.

Decrease The Joints Pains

If you often feel pain in your joints, so it may cause a bad posture. Therefore, in order not to feel aches and pains in the joints, you must improve your posture. These actions can balance and straighten muscles. Not only that, but the good posture also can reduce pressure on the joints that often cause the injury.