The Things That You Can Do To Make Your Organization To Be Success

Organization id the part of a country as the place where people gather and work systematically, organized, planned, controlled and guided. They have the rules itself that must be obeyed by each member. They also have one specific purpose that they will try to reach it together. There are several types of organizations that we often encounter, such as when we are in junior or senior high school we will familiar with intra school organization, in the community we recognize youth organization, and there are also national and multinational organization such as ASEAN and United Nations.

The Management Of Organization

In each organization, they need the management system. This management system is the process of planning, leading, organizing, and controlling the work of members of that organization and also using all of the resources of the organization to achieve their goals that have been set. The purpose of organizational management is to provide unity and security for the members. So that the performance of that organization can be more effective, especially if in that organization there are some departments. There are some of the parts in organizational management.

  1. Planning

Before you formulate the aims of the organization, you must make planning first. Because planning is the foundation of the organization. You need to make the missions and visions of the organization. Not only that, you need to make the plan A and B also.

  1. Actuating

After you get the plan, you and another member of that organization must be actuated that plan. Actuating is means the implementation of regulation and planning. In this part, the resources of the organization must be using maximized.

  1. Controlling

In an organization, you not only implemented the plan that has been created but also controlling the work. The control part has the advantage to know, how good that planning run? Those controlling parts is also useful to evaluate the work of each member.

So that your organization to be a success, so you need to implement this way.

  1. Set directions

First of all is we need to formulate the visions and missions, setting the priorities and the goals, and we also need to set the rules of the organization.

  1. Achieve effectiveness

After you formulate the visions and mission, you need to make your member know about their responsibilities and roles that they have to obey. You need to identify the capability of each member, so you will know what the job that suits for them.

  1. Can be done by doing

After each member know about their job and roles, so you need to make the evaluation to get the feedback, the management conflict, the creative process, so you can make the effective decisions

  1. Achieve the successful

After you maintain the motivations to your members, making progress notes, revitalizing team meetings, so, you and your team will celebrate the success.

An organization will be a success if it has the leader who has the firmness, responsiveness, ability, and responsibility. The good members also have the main function of an organization.