5 Steps for Successfully Install Printer Drivers

A printer is one of the important needs in your business. Before you use it, of course, you have to install it first. New printers can function if you download Epson drivers and install them. You can find this driver in the form of a CD or software that you can download officially.

Installing printer drivers is also very easy. Before you do that, make sure you download or have an official printer driver. Do not download it from any website because it can bring malware to your computer.

How to Install Printer Drivers Quickly and Successfully

For those of you who have just installed a printer driver using a computer, see the following method so that it’s easier for you to install it and the printer can function properly:

  • Connect the Printer to the Computer

If you look at the manual, the first step you have to do is connect the printer to the computer using the USB that has been prepared directly by the printer you bought.

Apart from USB cables, you can also get other types of cables such as SCSI cables or parallel ports. However, most of today’s printers use a USB cable to simplify the installation process.

If you buy a wireless printer, then you can connect the printer to the same wireless network as your computer or laptop.

  • Turn on the Printer

After making sure the printer is connected to the computer via a USB cable, then you can turn on the printer. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button and make sure the printer turns on properly.

  • Software Downloads

After the computer and printer are ready, then you can download Epson drivers. This driver will be used to install the printer on your computer. Every printer has a driver that must be installed on a Windows system to function properly.

Turn on the computer and insert the CD containing the printer driver. After the notification appears on your computer screen, then you can click “install” the driver. Follow the steps listed on your computer screen to perform the installation.

If you don’t get a CD containing printer software, then you can download it yourself on the official Epson page. Make sure you download the driver on the official website because it is safer.

  • Install Printers

After you have the CD or download the driver, then you can immediately install it. To install the printer, you don’t need any other software.

To connect the printer to the computer, you can open the “control panel” and select the “printer” menu. Then you can click “add a printer” and install a local printer if the printer is already connected to the computer using USB.

You will be asked to enter the location of the printer driver and enter the location of the driver that you saved earlier. Wait for the computer to finish reading it and save the name of the printer you just installed.

If it has been successfully installed, the printer’s name will appear on the control panel. If it still doesn’t work, you can try again and make sure the computer is connected to the printer.

  • Printer Trial

After successfully installing the driver, then you can test print. You do this by going to the control panel menu and looking for the “printer” menu. Then, click on the printer that was just installed and select “properties”.

Then you can click the “test page” menu to do a printing test.

After successfully download Epson drivers and installing them, you can immediately test the printer to make sure the printer functions properly. Good luck!